Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Long time no blog! We have been little work-a-holics lately, so we soaked up every second of our Labor Day Weekend :)

On Saturday we went to our current favorite restaurant in Dallas: Good to go Tacos! Of course, we  ordered the famous Hotlanta tacos (fried chicken & sweet potato taco). Awesome.

We have a bike/running trail that starts right by our apartment. Colin and I finally decided to take a walk along the path so we could start telling people we've done it. (We get asked all the time if we run the trail so we figured its time we stop looking lazy haha). I discovered that Colin is just like my dad in yet another way....
He HAS to stop and read all the small informational plaques that line the trail!!! Such a Brian Goold move....he even makes the B.Goold face while he's doing it! I pretend to stand there and act interested, not. hahah.

On Labor Day we took a miniature road trip to Fort Worth, TX. We had lunch at this place called the Mellow Mushroom. Its a pizza place that has delicious pizza and pretzels! One of our favorite things about the Dallas area is how many different places there are to eat :) We love trying out new restaurants!

After lunch we headed over to the Fort Worth Stock about stepping into the Wild Wild West! Its cowboy central! The stock yards house tons of cattle. They actually do cattle runs through the streets twice a day... pretty cool. I got really excited when I saw my first Texas Longhorn. So excited that I went ahead and bought a Texas Longhorns tshirt and cookie cutter :) 

While we were roaming the streets of the stock yards, we stumbled upon something truly amazing:
Another thing we love about Dallas is the crazy obsession people have with Dr. Pepper. Anywhere we go, there is sure to be Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper on tap. SCORE! 

Overall, this weekend was great :) We had some great husband & wifey bonding time, which is always a must. We love you all <3 

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