Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of a NEW job!

Today was my first day back with Wells Fargo :) This time around, I am working as a Lead Teller! I was super fortunate to receive a promotion with our move to Texas. I also lucked out because the branch I am working at is only 6 minutes from home!  I will be working full time-- grown women style! haha. All of my coworkers are so awesome and friendly. Our local grocery store is in the same shopping center as my Wells Fargo branch, so Colin and I went grocery shopping after I got off. While we were there, the cashier told us that Tom Brady comes in ALL the time and that he lives right across the street!! Im wishin' and hopin' I run into him sometime ;) or all the time!

We made sure to have an awesome weekend before I started work. On Friday we went to Rudy's BBQ, which was incredible! Texas definitely gets an "A" in the food department. Colin and I loaded up on the food...we got turkey, ribs, and brisket with sides of baked beans and creamed corn. We were pretty excited and gained about 10 pounds by the time we left.

On Saturday we went to a FC Dallas soccer game with our friends Katie & Corby from our ward :) They also brought their super cute daughter Jade. It was tons of FUN! Dallas played Colorado, and they weren't expected to win. So... it was awesome when Dallas won 3-2! As they say, "Dallas 'til I Die" haha.

We are living life to the fullest here in Texas. We deeply miss our family and friends! We think about each of you often and LOVE you TONS :)

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  1. We moved away from Austin 10 years ago and I still crave Rudy's. You've been spoiled now by real BBQ and if you ever leave TX, it will never be the same. Good luck in TX, and one thing we learned in our time, don't go to the grocery store unless you have plenty of time because with Texans, you will have 5 conversations with complete random strangers.