Sunday, July 8, 2012

a new chapter in our story

Well, since it is past midnight, today is MOVING DAY!! Colin and I are leaving Utah and starting our new adventure in Dallas, Texas. We've known this day would come for a long time...i just can't believe its already here! holy smokes. 

Tonight we had an awesome going away party... courtesy of my mamma jo. All of our close family and friends came to hang out with us one last time before we move to the Salsa State (my new nickname for Texas ever since I found out that salsa is the state food) Saying goodbye to everyone was so emotional for me! Its going to be really hard to live so far from my family :/ But I am very grateful that I got to spend time with all the people I love will miss so dearly! 

This blog is going to map out our many adventures in Dallas :) So stay tuned....because there will be lots of EXCITING stuff going on! 

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