Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Should Get Jerseys, Cuz We Make a Good Team

We made it to Texas! And man, is it HOT! Colin and I had such a fun adventure getting to our new home :)

On Day 1 we drove from North Ogden to Denver, Colorado. Colin was so excited when he finally got the hang of driving such a heavy load. He now refers to himself as The King of The Road and has even considered giving up his job to become a trucker. Not sure how I feel about that yet ;)

Like usual, I made myself sick from being so emotional/stressed about our move. My poor little body just cant handle it, haha. I've had a really sore throat and I'm completed congested. The morning we left for Kansas I had to get some herbal tea for my throat, while sucking on ColdEze 24/7. So so happy I have my fantastic husband to take care of me!

Day 2 was full of more driving from Denver to Wichita, Kansas. All I can say was that it was a whole lot of hours staring at a whole lot of nothing. Good thing we had each other to stay entertained! We sang really loud to Tim McGraw and Whitney Housten. It was really hard figuring out why the heck that place is called America's Heartland :)

Although Kansas was boring (sorry Aunt Sue), the food was deeeeeelicious! For dinner, Colin and I went to Hog Wild BBQ. I can definitely get used to the BBQ out here. Holy smokes. The meat is super tender and the Texas Toast is dang buttery and fluffy :) Colin was in heaven!

We were SO excited to wake up on Day 3 (today) knowing we would finally get to Texas. Our first stop in Dallas was Nordstrom to get Colin's new work pants tailored. We couldn't find anywhere to park our huge truck and trailer at the mall :( In the end, we parked in a fire lane and prayed we wouldn't get a ticket during our first 20 minutes in Dallas. I stayed behind to babysit the truck, while the Texas heat pretty much cooked me well-done. Where we parked was a narrow cul-de-sac that already had a motor home parked in it. So the only way out was to do a 37-point turn. When Colin came and started the car, some random lady ran over and insisted that she help us. She jumped into the drivers seat and got us out in only a 5-point turn! I am already LOVING the people in Dallas :) A big thank you to her for making us feel welcome!

Tomorrow is the big day...we're moving into our apartment...woo!! (There will be inside pictures to come) Stay tuned! 

 Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during our travel. We appreciate all of your love and support!

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  1. That place looks NICE!! Cant wait to see pics of ur new little home! XOXO