Sunday, July 15, 2012

And the Adventures Begin

This weekend has been way fun! We absolutely love Texas! Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming to us. Colin and I moved into our loft on Thursday. We hired two movers to come help us take all of our stuff up to the THIRD floor. I don’t want to complain too much…but walking up and down stairs with your hands full in 96° weather is not my favorite. I was so grateful for the movers help!

On Friday morning, we had lots of errands to run, but we took some time out to walk around Las Colinas. I must say, we did a dang good job picking our location! Las Colinas is absolutely gorgeous! We walked along the path that lines the lake we live on and were just in awe that we actually live in this place. The weather and the beautiful scenery makes us feel like were in Mexico on vacation, haha! The highlight of my day though was receiving my FIRST bouquet of EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS!!!!!! Hooray! Mom and Dad Kilgore sent us a delicious arrangement of fruit. It was so thoughtful of them…. I cried I was so happy and missed our family so much.

After we picked out all the fruit, I told Colin that I was going to use the rest of it to make the salad for dinner.  He was really excited. 

Saturday was a very exciting day. Colin took me into Downtown Dallas to go exploring. We walked through the streets and found so many cool places that we want to visit each weekend while he’s home. Colin also found a cool place for us to eat; it’s called Good 2 Go Tacos. INCREDIBLE! I’m a taco freak, and I can easily say these were the best tacos I’ve ever had (yes, even better than Chipotle!) 

We got the Paris, TX, (featured on Food Network), the Hotlanta, and the Spring Chicken. The idea of the restaurant is to put crazy, unconventional stuff into tacos and make it a knockout. We decided that we will be taking everyone to this restaurant when they come to visit, so……COME VISIT US!!! Heres some pictures of our day in Dallas :) 
You know its hot when Cacti are all around the streets!
Kennedy Memorial
Eating our first meal on our kitchen bar.

Today we attended our new ward in Irving. WE LOVE IT! We were swarmed with people welcoming us to the ward and making us feel at home. There are a lot of young couples there that are going through med school, which made us feel like we were immediate friends!
There's so much more I want to share with ya'll so keep an eye out. 

We miss you all and love you tons :)