Friday, August 3, 2012

Exciting Updates

First, the most important update of all: Colin is HOME! It was so great to see him after what felt like forever :) Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Now we really appreciate any time we have together.
Colin has been in New York the past two weeks for training in his new job. Even though it was hard to be far from home, he had a great time in Manhattan. His hotel was in Time Square, he did morning jogs in Central Park, and he ate at really cool restaurants! How lucky is he, right?!  This is his company's building in Time Square:

Colin also had some time to do some touristy stuff like seeing the 9/11 Memorial site, the New York LDS temple, the Flatiron building, and go to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game! Awesome!

New York LDS temple

Yesterday was Colin's first day at his office in Dallas. Look how studly he looks at work :) I am so proud of him!

The day Colin came home, I attended the temple before picking him up at the airport. The Dallas temple is so pretty and very small. Its much smaller than the temples I am used to in Utah. One lady mentioned to me that I was the youngest girl she has ever seen there haha. She was upset that I was already married because she has 4 sons that she wanted to me meet...lucky for her, I have a younger sister ;) 

I also received a job offer yesterday from Wells Fargo for a Lead Teller position! I feel so grateful for this, especially after feeling like I might not get the position. The branch I'll be working at is only a 6 minute drive from home, which is so lucky. It is also across the street from a Country Club and a Four Seasons Hotel so I'm sure I will have some fun experiences there lol. Not to mention that this branch is closed on Saturdays!!!!!!!! Way happy about that haha. Colin celebrated this accomplishment by taking me to see The Dark Knight Rises (super good movie!) and taking me to sushi. It was fabulous fun. 

We are continuing to love it here in Texas. We feel like our little life is coming together just as we planned.... and it's only going to get better :)

I want to give a special shout out to all of the amazing people who went out of their way to lift my spirits while Colin was away. I appreciate all of the phone calls, Skypes, and text messages that made me feel less lonely :) I have the greatest family and friends. I love each of you so much. Your efforts were GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. Jess! Thanks for the update! SO happy Colin is hom and SOO Happy you got the job! That is awesome they r closed weekends. Best Ever. Lots of 3 day weekends coming your way (Federal Holidays).
    So glad things are coming together in Dallas. We miss you madly but we are so so happy for u guys.
    Keep up the bloggging.. when u can.
    We want pics of your place too once ur settled and give it the Jessica touch.